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Since 2011, a photovoltaic system producing about 100,000 kwh of energy from renewable sources, largely contributes to the power supply of Cartotecnica G. Bianchini, by generating a considerable share of self- produced electricity.

Atmospheric emissions are processed by a catalytic afterburner - installed voluntarily and without legal obligations - ensuring cleaner emissions and thus avoiding pollution. The huge amount of heat, necessary to the functioning of the machine, is almost entirely recovered by the machine itself.

The growing concern over energy waste, has led Cartotecnica G. Bianchini to renovate its premises, by installing insulation systems to roofs, walls, doors and windows, thus achieving extremely low heat transmission rates.

Moreover, the company has built new premises, by implementing the best existing technologies: from underfloor heating systems to new machinery, selected among those characterised by the best energy-saving techniques.

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