Cartotecnica G.Bianchini
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In 1955, Giuseppe Bianchini founded the homonymous company, which he run until his death. The company was then taken over by his daughter Giovanna, whose married name became Mori: the family name changed, however, the family line of succession within the company was maintained.

Soon after, the eldest son joined the company and, after a few years, the second son followed his footsteps, by gradually reducing the commitments which still bound him to the family’s agricultural holdings and thus becoming able to join his mother’s business.

The Mori brothers started to make a series of investments, which eventually led Cartotecnica G.Bianchini to become a small, yet important, point of reference on the market. This was also due to the company’s ability to find the right balance between versatility, attention to detail and passionate craftsmanship on one hand, and technology and the quality controls set out by the industry on the other.

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