Cartotecnica G.Bianchini

Being able to offer our Clients both rotogravure and flexographic printing, has always been Cartotecnica G. Bianchini’s winning card..

Lamination can be either be solvent-based (with adhesives which are either pasteurisable or sterilisable, or which are designed to be resistant against highly aggressive products), or performed by means of a solventless technology. The product is then finished in the cutting department - equipped with single-shaft and double-shaft rewinders as well as reel to sheet cutting machines - and then packaged according to the Client’s specifications. In case envelopes or bags are required, Cartotecnica G. Bianchini relies on specialised subcontractors.

The whole cycle is managed thanks to an integrated software which, in addition to normal administration – including analytical accounting and management control - manages all processes: from the incoming Client’s order to the handling of the finished product, to production scheduling. The latter is ensured thanks to RMA placed at the terminals on board of the machines, which automatically detect processing times, costs and progress. Raw and ancillary materials, finished and semi- finished products are entirely managed by means of barcodes.

We meet even the most demanding requirements

We are able to meet the specific needs of each customer… challenge us!