Polycoupled or monolayer films; Laminates of various types obtained with glue or polyethylene-based lamination.
Non-self- adhesive paper tapes coated, either internally or externally, with waterless glue.

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Cartotecnica G.Bianchini is a company founded in 1955
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We specialise in the production of specialty paper, gummed paper and plastic films printed in rotogravure and flexography.

Starting from the classic and simple Paper, treated by using the most diverse techniques available back in the 50’s and 60’s, Cartotecnica G.Bianchini has gradually evolved with the market, moving on to cellophane and, later, to plastic, aluminium and biodegradable films, bound together in the most diverse ways, by means of lamination.

Today, Cartotecnica G.Bianchini offers products for industrial use, as well as for the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutic industries.

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Gummed Paper Tapes – Monolayer or Polycoupled Films

Flexible Packaging

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