Nastri Carta Gommata Sacchi Rifiuti



Papers Types List

CH 51 paper

High-performance gummed paper, suitable for particular situations

PG3 paper

Gummed paper suitable for the closure of various types of rolls. Ideal for paper tape dispencer with brush, its use is critical in cases where the paper is wetted by means of nebulisation.

PG5 type

Specific material suitable for the closure of rolls of garbage bags by means of high-speed machines. Its use is critical if used paper tape dispencer with brush.

Mono-glazed Kraft

Kraft paper is the result of a specifically-designed blend of regenerated paper and pure cellulose. It is highly gummed, in order to produce tapes with weights comprised between 85 and 120 gr. It can be either white or unbleached. In its White version, a paper line produced exclusively in pure cellulose is also available.

Defibering process

Recommended for particularly critical applications and uses in very dry and windy areas. After the gumming, the paper it is passed into a machine that, with a series of blades, cuts the adhesive layer dividing it into smaller tiles. The classic curling effect is thus mitigated.